Yotpo Product Reviews

Yotpo is a user-generated content marketing platform enabling merchants to gather, curate, manage, and respond to all kinds of user content from just a single platform. Yotpo integrates with Magento to help you to maximize the power of user-generated content.

Yotpo installs automatically with Magento version 2.3.3+. Yotpo is available for previous Magento versions but requires installation from the Marketplace.

Yotpo integrates seamlessly with your Magento store, so you can accelerate growth by leveraging your customer feedback. With Yotpo, Magento merchants can easily collect and intelligently display customer content like reviews, photos, and videos at key touchpoints throughout the buyer journey to improve trust, social proof, and sales. Magento merchants can also access feedback data and insight into consumer behavior.

Available Yotpo features and customization options are dependent on the Yotpo plan you choose. Magento supports the Free, Growth, and Premium plans. See Yotpo Plan Information for plans and features.

See the Yotpo website for more information about additional features, settings, and Magento integration.

Integrating Your Magento Store with your Yotpo Account

With Magento v2.3.3+, integrating your Magento store is a quick, simple process and gives you access to the content and data customizations available in your Yotpo account. See Integrate your Magento Store with your Yotpo Account.

Changes In the Latest Release

This release contains changes to correct a variety of issues and to update documentation and Yotpo-specific links.

  • The Yotpo Reviews and Yotpo Analytics links in the Admin > Reports section have been updated to redirect to the connected Yotpo account information.

  • Corrected issues related to the syncing of invalid orders. Invalid orders are now listed in the log, and additional syncs are not attempted.

  • Corrected an issue preventing orders from syncing correctly.

  • Updated documentation links in the Admin.

  • Corrected an issue preventing Yotpo settings from displaying in the Admin after setup when Single-Store mode is selected.