Adding Predefined Variables

Predefined variables make it easy to personalize email and newsletter templates, as well as other types of content. The list of available predefined variables appears when you click the Insert Variable button. As shown in the following image, the list of available predefined variables for a specific email template is determined by the collection of data that is associated with the template. See the Variable Reference for a list of frequently-used email templates and their associated variables.

Variables for Contact Form Template

Add a Variable to an Email Template

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Marketing > Communications > Email Templates.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • To add the variable to an existing template, click the template in the list to open in edit mode.
    • To use the variable in a new template, click Add New Template and customize the default template code. To learn more, see Message Templates.
  3. In the Template Content box, position the insertion point where you want the variable to appear and click Insert Variable.

  4. In the list of available variables, choose the one you want to insert into the template.

  5. To preview the template in a new browser window, click Preview. Then, return to the main window.

  6. When complete, click Save Template.