Magento Open Source 2.3.x

This is the 2.3 Beta release version of Magento documentation. Content in this version is subject to change. For additional versions, see Magento Documentation and Resources.


In this section of the guide, you’ll learn how to leverage your store's built-in shopping tools to create opportunities for customer engagement, and how to set up targeted promotions with price rules. Leverage multiple sales channels by sending your product feeds to shopping sites and marketplaces. Then, use Google tools to analyze traffic, optimize your content, and plan your next campaign.

Shopping Tools

Learn about the tools available to shoppers that encourage engagement and foster sales.


Learn to set up catalog and cart price rules that trigger discounts based on a variety of conditions.



Personalize email notifications and sales documents to support your brand. Create newsletters, and manage subscriptions.

SEO & Search

Learn about the search tools that are available to your customers. Fine-tune the configuration of your store to increase sales, and learn best practices and techniques to support your SEO initiative.

Marketing Menu

Shopping Tools

Opportunities to Engage

Email a Friend

Wish Lists

Configuring Wish Lists

Sharing a Wish List

Product Relationships

Compare Products

Recently Viewed / Compared

Product Reviews



Catalog Price Rules

Multiple SKUs

Cart Price Rules

Coupon Codes

Configuring Coupon Codes

Coupons Report

Free Shipping Promotion

Buy X Get Y Free

Discount with Minimum Purchase



Supported Email Clients

Preparing Your Email Logo

Configuring Email Templates

Sales Email

Payment Failed Email

Admin User Email

Customizing Email Templates

Header Template

Footer Template

Message Templates

Email Template List

Configuring Email Communications

Marketing Automation

Setting up dotmailer

Creating a Campaign

Import Your Contacts

Schedule a Campaign

Automate a Campaign

Exclusion Rules

Automation Studio

Sales Documents

Preparing Your Invoice Logo

Adding Reference IDs to Header

Customer Address Templates


Configuring Newsletters

Newsletter Templates

Sending Newsletters

Managing Subscribers

RSS Feeds

Using Variables

Adding Predefined Variables

Adding Custom Variables

Markup Tags

Using Markup Tags in Links

Dynamic Media URLs

Variable Reference


Connect to Facebook

SEO & Search

Catalog Navigation

Top Navigation

Breadcrumb Trail

Product Listings

Pagination Controls

Layered Navigation

Filterable Attributes

Price Navigation

Configuring Layered Navigation

Catalog Search

Quick Search

Advanced Search

Search Results

Weighted Search

Configuring Catalog Search

Search Terms

Popular Search Terms

Adding Search Terms

Search Terms Report

SEO Best Practices

Meta Data

Canonical Meta Tag

Using a Sitemap

Sitemap Configuration

Search Engine Robots

URL Rewrites

Configuring URL Rewrites

Automatic Product Redirects

Creating URL Rewrites

Google Tools

Google Analytics

Google Content Experiments

Google Adwords