Now Online

The Now Online option on the Customers menu lists all customers and visitors who are currently online in your store. The interval of time that customers are shown as currently online is set in the configuration, and determines how long the customer’s activity is visible from the Admin. By default, the interval is fifteen minutes.

Online Customers

To see all customers who are online now:

  1. On the Admin sidebar, tap Customers.

  2. Choose Online Now.

  3. To help an online customer complete a purchase, see:

    Shopping Assistance.

To configure the time interval:

  1. On the Admin sidebar, tap Stores. Then under Settings, choose Configuration.

  2. In the panel on the left under Customers, choose Customer Configuration.

  3. Expand the Online Customers Options section. Then, do the following:

    Online Customers Options

    • In the Online Minutes Interval field, enter the number of minutes for the customer session to be visible from the Admin. Leave the field empty to accept the default interval of fifteen minutes.
    • In the Customer Data Lifetime field, enter the number of minutes before any unsaved data entered by the customer expires.
  4. When complete, tap  Save Config .

Column Descriptions

Column Description
ID The customer ID of a registered customer.
First Name The first name of a registered customer.
Last Name The last name of a registered customer.
Email The email address of a registered customer.
IP Address The IP address of the computer that customers and guests are using to access your store.
Session Start Time The date and time that marks the beginning of the current customer session.
Last Activity The date and time of the customer’s last activity in your store.
Type Options include: Customer / Visitor
Last URL The last URL the customer visited.