Magento Open Source 2.3.x

This is the 2.3 Beta release version of Magento documentation. Content in this version is subject to change. For additional versions, see Magento Documentation and Resources.

Managing Inventory Quantities

All new products automatically assign to the Default Source until updated. When first accessing Magento with Inventory Management, all products and quantities are assigned to the Default Source. When importing new products via .csv file, they are also assigned to the Default Source.

Single and Multi Source merchants can update sources, inventory quantities, and thresholds per supported product.

  • Single Source merchants can update product quantities for the Default Source; this is the total amount of products available for sale.
  • Multi Source merchants can assign multiple sources and quantities per product for each location (warehouses, stores, drop shippers, etc). We recommend having Sources added prior to setting product inventory amounts.


Assigning Sources per Product

Assign sources manually per product in your catalog.



Assigning Quantities per Product

Add on-hand inventory amounts to your products per source. This information is specific for Multi Source merchants.



Bulk Assigning Sources

Assign sources to selected products as a mass action.



Bulk Unassigning Sources

Unassign sources from selected products as a mass action. We recommend using the Transfer Inventory to Source option if you need to transfer inventory and remove the source.



Transferring Inventory to Source

Mass transfer all inventory from one origin source to a destination source.



Importing and Exporting Quantities

Use import and export features to update multiple product SKUs with sources and inventory quantities.