Magento Open Source 2.3.x

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Bulk Unassigning Sources

When unassigning a source from a product, you are indicating the product will no longer be stocked at that location. This process will completely clear all inventory data for source currently assigned to the product. If you need to move the existing inventory to a new location, consider using the Transfer inventory option.

Important: When you unassign a source from a product, all source data including inventory amounts is removed from that product. This can affect salable quantities and reservations for unprocessed orders. After checkout and before shipment, all product quantities in the order have associated reservations. If you unassign a source, you can cause issues with reservations and processing orders.

We strongly recommend completing all orders and shipments for those products prior to removing the source.

To update quantities:

1. On the Admin sidebar, tap Catalog. Then, choose Products.
2. Select the products you want to modify sources. Browse or search to find the products and select those checkboxes.
3. Tap the Actions drop-down menu, and choose Unassign Inventory Source. Tap OK to verify.

Select products to remove sources
4. Select the source you want to remove from the products.
5. Tap Unassign Sources. An alert displays that unassigning will remove all specific source and quantity data from the product.
6. To complete, tap Unassign Sources.

Remove sources from selected products