Vertex Field Mapping

The following Vertex fields correspond to Magento fields with different names. Use this table for reference as complete both the Vertex Cloud and Magento configurations.

Vertex Field Description
Vertex Trusted ID To find your trusted ID, log in to your Vertex Cloud dashboard. Then in the sidebar, choose Settings > View All Connectors.
Company Code A user-defined value that is entered in the Company Information section of Vertex Cloud. A matching Company Code is entered in the Vertex Company Information section of the Magento configuration.
Customer Code Magento field: Vertex Customer Code
A field in the Magento Customer information that is used to set up customer exceptions. This field corresponds to the Vertex Customer Type when set to “Code.”
Customer Class Magento field: Tax Class
The default value is determined by the Magento Vertex Tax Class configuration.
Customer Name The full name of the customer as it appears in the Name column of the Magento Customers grid.
Location Code Magento field: Location Code
A code that indicates the location where the company has a physical presence within a specific jurisdiction, and is used in batch uploads of adjustment files.

In some jurisdictions, the physical location determines whether tax is charged, and the appropriate type of tax. The Location Code cannot be changed after the company configuration is saved.

The Location Code is specified when configuring Registration details in Vertex Cloud, and is also entered in the Vertex Company Information section of the Magento configuration. The Location Code is associated with the Ship From address, and is used for returns processing.

In the underlying XML, the locationCode attribute appears as a line item to indicate the physical location of the company’s registered filing entity. The Location Code is the same for each line item.
Ship From Address Because Magento supports only one Ship From address for sales tax calculations, the Ship From address is the same for each line item.
Product Code Magento field: SKU
Product Class Magento field: Tax Class
The Tax Class that is assigned to each product.