Action Logs Report

The Action Logs Report displays a detailed record of all admin actions that are enabled for logging. Each record is time stamped, and records the IP address and name of the user. The log detail includes admin user data and related changes that were made during the action.

Actions that you want to display in the report must be enabled in the Admin Actions Logging screen in the store settings. If the action type is checked (enabled), those types of admin actions will display in the Action Logs Report.

The report can be filtered using the options in each column. You may set a single filter option or set filter options for multiple columns to narrow the report to list specific actions. You can also export report data in either CSV or Excel XML format.

The Action Logs Report includes the following information:

  • Time: The date and time the action occurred
  • Action Group: Displays the action type, correlates to the actions enabled on Admin Actions Logging screen in your store settings
  • Action: Displays the action that was logged
  • IP Address: Displays the IP address for the machine on which the action was performed
  • Username: Displays the login ID for the user who performed the action
  • Result: Displays the success or failure of the user’s action
  • Full Action Name: Displays the backend action name
  • Details: Displays the backend action category
  • Full Details: Displays all logged details of the admin action

To view the action logs report:

  1. On the Admin sidebar, click System.

  2. Under Action Logs, choose Report.

    Action Logs Report

  3. To view the full details of a listed admin action, click View.

    Log Entry Details

To filter the action logs report:

You can define the filter options fields and then click Search to narrow the actions displayed.

To clear the filter options and return to the full report, click Reset Filter.

Action Logs Report Filters

Filter by Field

Field description

In From, click to select a date from the dynamic calendar to define the beginning date for the filter. Then in To, click to select a date from the dynamic calendar to define the ending date for the filter.

Action Group Choose an option in the drop-down field.


Choose an option in the drop-down field.
IP Address Enter the IP address of the machine used for an action.

Choose an username option in the dropdown field. Default is All Users.

Result Choose Success or Failure in the drop-down field.
Full Action Name Enter text for the search to match in the field.
Details Enter text for the search to match in the field.

To export the action logs report:

  1. Choose an export format in the Export to dropdown:

    • CSV: A comma-separated value file containing plain text data
    • Excel XML: An XML-based, spreadsheet data format
  2. Click Export. The generated file saves automatically to your designated folder for downloads.

    Action Logs Report Export