Receiving Payments

A reimbursed balance is an offline payment that is made by a company toward the balance of their account. The store administrator enters the amount manually in the customer’s company profile, using the Reimburse Balance button. When the amount is submitted, the system recalculates the outstanding balance and available company credit, and records the action in the company’s credit history. The reimbursed amount is entered in the credit currency, as specified in the configuration.

Reimburse Balance

To apply a payment to a company account:

  1. On the Admin sidebar, click Customers.

  2. Choose Companies.

  3. Find the company record in the list, and open in Edit mode.

  4. In the button bar at the top of the page, click Reimburse Balance.

  5. Add payment information:

    • Enter the Amount of the payment.

    The amount can be entered as a positive or negative value.

    • If applicable, enter the Purchase Order Number for reference.

    Only one purchase order number can be entered per reimbursement. To apply the payment to multiple POs, create a separate reimbursement for each.

    • As needed, enter a Comment to describe the reimbursement.
  6. Click Reimburse.

The company’s outstanding balance and available credit is recalulated, and the Company Credit history updated to reflect the reimbursement.

Company Credit Reimbursements

To edit a reimbursement:

  1. Open the company profile in Edit mode.

  2. Expand the Company Credit section. Then, do the following:

  3. Find the reimbursement transaction in the grid, and click Edit.

  4. Make any changes necessary to the Purchase Order Number and Comment fields.

    The reimbursement amount cannot be changed.

  5. Click Save.

Column Descriptions

Column Description
Date The date of the transaction. Hover over the date to display the date and time.
Operation The type of activity associated with the transaction. Values:
AllocatedCredit assigned to the company.
UpdatedA change has been applied to one of the following fields: Credit limit Credit currency Allow to exceed credit limit
PurchasedAn order has been placed.
ReimbursedThe outstanding balance has been reimbursed.
RefundedA credit memo amount has been refunded
RevertedThe order was canceled and the amount returned to the credit balance.
Amount The amount of the transaction associated with the following transaction types:PurchasedReimbursedRefundedRevertedFor purchase amounts, the amount appears in the display currency of the store, and also in the format of the credit currency setting, followed by the current conversion rate, if applicable. For example:EUR 20,000.00 ($22,400.00)USD/EUR 0.8928
Outstanding Balance The amount reimbursed, less the total due from all orders placed using the Payment on Account method.  The amount might appear as a positive or negative value.
Positive valueAn advance payment is represented as a positive value.
Negative valueAn amount due is represented as a negative value.
Available Credit The sum of the Credit Limit and the Outstanding Balance. If the customer has exceeded the credit limit, the amount appears as a negative value.
Credit Limit The amount of credit extended to the company.
Updated By The name of the person who initiated the operation.
Purchase Order The purchase order number that is associated with the transaction.
Comment A compilation of the values from the Reason for  Change field, according to operation type.
PurchasedIncludes comments from the purchase, and the order number and link to the order.
ReimbursedIncludes comments from the reimbursed transaction.
Action For Reimbursed operations only.
EditAllows the reimbursement amount to be updated.