Inactive Listings

Listings that display on this tab include your products that have been published to Amazon but are not active on the Amazon marketplace. Your listings could be inactive for a few different reasons. For example, you might not be eligible to list that particular brand. Inactive listings are dictated by Amazon’s listing standards and your Amazon Seller Central account permissions.

In the Actions drop-down:

  • End Listing(s) on Amazon: Choose to remove all selected listings from the Amazon marketplace. See Ended Listings.

  • Edit Listing Overrides: Choose to change the override settings for the listing. See Overrides.

In the Select drop-down:

  • View Details: Choose to view listing details, including the Listing Activity Log, Buy Box Competitor Pricing, and Lowest Competitor Pricing. This action is for viewing only. No changes can be made in the listing details. See View Details.

  • Create Override: Choose to create a new override and apply it to this listing. See Creating Listing Overrides.

  • Edit Assigned ASIN: Choose to modify the ASIN assigned to your catalog product. This would be used if a product in your catalog was matched to the wrong ASIN. See Edit Assigned ASIN.

  • Create Alias Seller SKU: Choose to create an Alias SKU that can be used to create a new Amazon listing from the same catalog product. See Creating an Alias Seller SKU.

  • Switch to Fulfilled by Amazon/Merchant: Choose to change the fulfillment method associated to the order. See Fulfilled By.

  • End Listing: Choose to remove the listing from the Amazon marketplace. See Ended Listings.

If you have listings in process, a message will be displayed above the tabs indicating how many.

Inactive Listings

Amazon Sales Channel Home tabs share some common workspace controls that allow you to customize the data that is displayed.

Column Description
Amazon Seller SKU The SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) assigned by Amazon to a product to identify the product, options, price, and manufacturer.
ASIN A unique block of 10 letters and/or numbers that identify items.

ASIN stands for the Amazon Standard Identification Numbers. An ASIN is a unique block of 10 letters and/or numbers that identify items. For books, the ASIN is the same as the ISBN number, but for all other products a new ASIN is created when the item is uploaded to their catalog. You can find an items ASIN on the product detail page on Amazon, along with further details relating to the item.
Product Listing Name The name of the product.
Condition The condition of the product.
Landed Price The listing price for the product plus its shipping price.
Amazon Quantity The quantity available once the product is actively listed on Amazon.
Status The status of the listing, defined by Amazon.
Inactive Reason (if provided by Amazon) Amazon will not always provide a reason for inactive listings, and you may need to reach out to customer support to resolve listing issues. In some instances, Amazon will notify you of a reason. To view these responses, in the Actions column, click View Details. If these issues are resolved and Amazon lifts the error, the products will change to Active listings and move to the Active listings table.
Action List of available actions that can be applied to a specific listing. To apply an action, in the Actions column, click Select to display your options:
View Details
Create Override
Edit Assigned ASIN
Create Alias Seller SKU
Switch to Fulfilled By Amazon/Merchant 
End Listing