Magento BI Essentials

Magento Business Intelligence (Magento BI) is a cloud-based data management and analytics platform. Magento BI provides users with the ability to easily consolidate and manage their data sources, model their data, create charts and reports, and maintain a single source of truth.

When you activate a Magento BI Essentials account, you get access to five dashboards with approximately 100 reports. These reports are designed to provide insights around your data and answer questions like: “How are my orders growing month-over-month? Who are my most loyal customers? Is my coupon strategy working?”

As a Magento Commerce customer, you are entitled to a BI Essentials account at no additional cost:

  • If you are a Magento Commerce Cloud Pro subscriber, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to set you up with your entitled BI Essentials account.
  • If you are a Magento Commerce Cloud Starter subscriber, refer to this support article for information about activating your entitled BI Essentials account.
  • If you are a Magento Commerce On-Prem subscriber, use the following information to activate your account and access BI Essentials.

The instructions in this section walk you through the activation, and introduce some basic features of Magento BI Essentials. For more detailed information, refer to the Magento BI Help Center.

To activate your Magento BI Essentials account:

  1. Log in to your Magento account (

  2. Select the My Account tab. Then choose My MBI Instances in the side navigation.

  3. Click Create Instance.

  4. Select the subscription for the instance creation (if you have only one active Magento subscription, this is selected by default). Then, click Continue.

  5. Complete the account creation form. Then, click Continue.

    Create Account

  6. Check your email for a Welcome message from the Magento BI Team, with your log-in credentials. To learn more, see the Essentials Quick Start Video Series.

To access Magento BI Essentials:

Method 1: From the Admin

  1. From the Dashboard of your store, click Go to Advanced Reporting.

  2. In the upper-right corner, click Additional Resources. Then under Magento Business Intelligence, choose Magento BI Website.

    Your Data Resources

Method 2: From your browser

  1. Go to the Magento BI website.

  2. Enter your Email Address and Password. Then, click Sign In.

    Sign In to Magento BI

  3. Your Magento BI dashboard appears.

    Magento BI Essentials Dashboard