Export Data

Raw report data can be exported from the Magento BI data warehouse to a CSV or Excel file. You can also create a list of raw, exported data from tables that refreshes every 15 seconds to ensure that the data is always current.

To export report data:

  1. In the header of a report, click the Settings (  ) control.

    Report Settings

  2. Choose one of the following options:

    • Full CSV Export
    • Full Excel Export
  3. Watch the bottom of the window for the export file. Then, open the file.

    Exported Data in Excel

To create an export list:

  1. On the menu, choose Manage Data.

  2. In the sidebar under Export Data, choose Raw Data Export.

    Raw Data Export

  3. Click Add Export. Then, do the following:

    • Choose the Table.

      Choose Table

    • Enter the Export Name.

    • Under Available Columns, click Add All.

      Choose Columns

    • If you want to add a filter, click Add Filter. Then, follow the instructions to create a filter for the exported data.

      The filters in this example includes all customers who placed their first order during the 2018 holiday season.


  4. When ready, click Export Data.

    Look for a message that says the export is successfully queued. The export appears in the list when the process is complete.

    Export List

  5. To download the exported data, click Download. Then, look for the exported zip file at the bottom of the window.