Magento for B2B Commerce

Amazon Pay Customer Experience

Customers can speed through checkout by using the payment methods and shipping addresses that are available in their Amazon accounts. Your store can be configured to show the Amazon Pay button on product pages, and in the cart sidebar, shopping cart, and during checkout.

For international customers, they may also have an option to select their preferred currency if you list prices in more than one currency. This multi-currency support allows customers to complete purchases without worrying about currency conversions or rates.

Amazon Pay on Product Page

To place an order with Amazon Pay:

1. To begin the checkout process, tap Amazon Pay. Then when prompted, enter your Amazon credentials.

Shipping Addresses
2. Choose the shipping address from your Amazon Address Book.

The pagination indicator shows how many addresses are available. However, only four can be viewed at a time.

  • Click the arrow () to view all available options.
  • To add a new address to the Address Book, click Add new.
  • If you prefer, click Return to standard checkout.

Amazon Pay Address Book
3. Choose the Shipping Method that you want to use for the order. Then, tap Next.
4. During the Review & Payments checkout step, the standard Magento payment methods are replaced with the payment methods that are available in your Amazon account.

Review & Payments

The pagination indicator shows how many payment methods are available. However, only four can be viewed at a time.

Amazon Pay Payment Method
5. Enter a Discount Code, if applicable.
6. Review the order. Then, tap Place Order.