Adding Custom Variables

If you know a little basic HTML, you can create custom variables and use a markup tag to incorporate them into email and newsletter templates, as well as other types of content.

Custome variables Custom Variables

Create a Custom Variable

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to System > Other Settings > Custom Variables.

  2. Click Add New Variable.

  3. Enter an identifier in the Variable Code field, using all lowercase characters without spaces.

    If needed, you can use an underscore character to represent a space. For example: my_custom_variable

  4. Enter a Variable Name, which is used for internal reference. For example: My Custom Variable

  5. To enter the value that is associated with the variable, do one of the following:

    • In the Variable HTML Value field, enter the variable value formatted with simple HTML tags. For example: <b>This formatted content appears in place of the variable.</b>
    • In the Variable Plain Value field, enter the variable value as plain text without formatting. For example: This unformatted content appears in place of the variable.

    You can drag the lower-right corner to make the boxes bigger.

    New custom variable New Custom Variable

  6. When complete, click Save.

Your custom variable is now available to be inserted into email and newsletter templates and other types of content. The code that is inserted looks similar to the following markup tag:

‘CustomVar code= “my_custom_variable”’