About This Release

As a best practice, we recommend that you keep your Magento installation up to date, so you can benefit from the latest advancements. Release notes provide a detailed description of the changes in each product release, with links to additional technical information, installation instructions, and support resources. To learn more about current and past releases, see Release Information.

Starting with our 2.3.2 release, we are no longer producing and publishing an updated 2.3 User Guide PDF to match our online content. This makes it possible for us to provide an improved online User Guide experience and publish content updates more frequently.
You can download the 2.3.1 PDF guide from our site.

Earlier Releases

If you need documentation for an earlier Magento release, the following resources are available.


Release Information: Magento 2.2.x Release Information

Online User Guide: Magento Commerce for B2B 2.2 User Guide

PDF User Guide: Magento Commerce for B2B 2.2 User Guide