Creating an Order

For registered customers who need assistance, you can create an entire order directly from the Admin. The Create New Order form includes all the information that is needed to complete the normal checkout process, with activity summaries from the customer’s account dashboard.

Create New Order

To create a new order:

  1. On the Admin sidebar, click Customers.

  2. Find the customer in the grid.

  3. In the Action column, click Edit.

  4. In the workspace header, click Create Order.

    Workspace header

  5. If your store has multiple views, choose the store view where the order is to be placed.

    To add products from the **Customer’s Activities section:**

    • Mark the checkbox of each product in the panel on the left.

    • Scroll down and click Update Changes.

      The item appears in the order form.

      Add to Cart

    To add products from the catalog:

    1. Click Add Products.

      Add Products

    2. In the grid, mark the checkbox of each product to be added to the cart, and enter the Qty to be purchased.

     ![](/m2/b2b/user_guide/images/images/customer-account-create-order-select-from-catalog.png){: .zoom}
     _Select Products_
    1. Configure available product options:

      • Click Configure.

      • Complete the options as needed.

      • Click OK.

      • Click the Add Selected Product(s) to Order link to update the cart.

    2. Override the price of an item if necessary:

      • Mark the Custom Price checkbox.

      • Enter the new price in the box below. To update the cart totals, click Update Items and Quantities.

        Custom Price

    3. Complete the following sections as needed for the order:

      • Apply Coupon Codes
      • Payment Method
      • Shipping Method
      • Order Comments
  6. Click Submit Order.

    A confirmation is sent to the customer, and the customer can view the order details from their account.

    Order Created