Negotiating a Quote

When the seller responds to your request for a quote, the status of the quote changes to “Updated”. Look for an email notification from the store with the reply from the seller. The email includes a link to your account, and the expiration date of the quote. A quote can be changed and resubmitted, even if it was declined or after it has expired.

When a quote is opened, the prices are verified to reflect the current shared catalog prices, cart rules, taxes, and applicable cart discounts. The price verification is performed on unlocked quotes with a status of “New,” “Updated,” or “Open”.

Step 1: Open the Updated Quote

  1. Do one of the following:

    • If you are already logged in to your account, click the link in the email.
    • Log in to your account.
  2. In the account sidebar. choose My Quotes.

    Email Notification Sent to Buyer

  3. Find the updated quote in the list, and click View.

    My Quotes

Step 2: Review the Quote

  1. When you receive an updated quote from the seller, look for any of the following changes on the Items Quoted tab:

    • Products added or removed
    • Change in quantity
    • Discounted Quote Subtotal
    • Shipping method
    • Attached file
  2. On the Comments tab, read the reply from the seller.

    Comments from Quote Negotiation

Step 3: Reply to the Seller

Make any of the following changes to the quote:

Change the Quantity

  1. Update the Qty of the line item to be changed.

  2. Tap Update to recalculate the totals.

    Any previously negotiated items in the totals section are crossed out.

    Totals after Update

Change the Shipping Address

  1. To choose a different address from your address book, do the following:

    • In the Shipping Information section, click Select Existing Address.
    • To add a new address, do
  2. To add a new address, click Add New Address. Then, follow the instructions.

    • Click Select Existing Address. Then, choose an address from your Address Book. When prompted to confirm, tap Save.
    • Click Add New Address. Then, add the new address to your Address Book.

    If the shipping address is changed during a price negotiation, the quote must be sent back to the seller for review.

Attach a File

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the quote, and click Attach file.

  2. Choose the file from the directory.

Close the Quote

  1. To end the negotiation, add a Comment that explains why you are closing the quote.

  2. In the header section of the quote, click Close quote.

    The quote is remains in the My Quotes list in your account, with a status of “Closed”.

Delete the Quote

  1. In the header section of the quote, click Delete.

    The quote is removed from the My Quotes list in your account.

  2. Add a Comment that briefly explains any changes to the quote.

  3. To send your reply to the seller, tap Send for Review.

    The status of the quote changes to “Submitted.” You can view the quote, but not make any changes until you receive a reply from the seller.

    You can repeat the negotiation process as many times as necessary to reach an agreement.

Step 4: Place the Order

  1. To complete the purchase, tap Proceed to Checkout.

  2. Then, follow the normal checkout process.

    This order is within the company’s available credit limit, and is being charged to their account. The Order Summary section shows the quote subtotal, shipping, and the total amount that is to be charged to their account. Because tax is not applicable to this order, it is not included in the Order Summary.

    Order Summary with Negotiated Price

Field Descriptions

StatusThe box after the page title indicates the current status of the quote.
Quote NameThe quote name appears below the page title.
CreatedIndicates the date the quote was created, followed by the name of the buyer who requested the quote in parentheses.
ExpiresIndicates the date the quote expires.
Sales RepThe seller’s sales representative who is assigned to manage the buyer’s company account.
Close QuoteEnds the negotiation process, and cancels the quote
DeleteDeletes a closed quote from the buyer’s My Quotes list.
PrintSends the quote to a printer, or saves it as a PDF file.
Tabbed sections
Items Quoted
Product NameThe name of the product is linked to the product detail page in the catalog. Any options that are associated with the product appear below the name.
SKUThe product’s unique Stock Keeping Unit.
PriceThe original product price from the catalog.
StockThe number of units currently in stock.
QtyIndicates the number of units of the product that the buyer wants to purchase. The buyer can update the quantity field during the negotiation.
SubtotalThe line item subtotal. (Price * Qty)
Deletes the line item.
UpdateRecalculates the quote to reflect any changes.
CommentsLists all communications between buyer and seller that are related to the quote.
History LogThe History Log tab displays a complete history of the quote with dates, quote status, and comments.
Subtotal (Incl./Excl. Tax)(Visible when section is expanded.) The Catalog Total Price displayed either with, or without tax, according to the Display Subtotal setting in the configuration.
Estimated Tax(Visible when section is expanded.) The amount of tax that is estimated to be due, as specified in the configuration display settings to be based on one of the following:
Catalog Total Price (Incl./Excl. Tax)The sum of the subtotal and estimated tax. Expand the section to display the values that are used in the calculation.
Quote Subtotal (Incl./Excl. Tax)The sum of the proposed prices for each line item in the quote, displayed either with or without tax, depending on the tax calculation settings in the configuration.
Estimated TaxThe amount of tax that is estimated to be due, as specified in the configuration display settings to be based on one of the following: Unit Price, Row Total, Total
Quote Grand Total (Incl./Excl. Tax)The final total at the bottom of the quote that includes the negotiated price and estimated tax.
Shipping AddressThe shipping address that was added to the quote from the address book in your account.
TelephoneThe telephone number is linked to autodial on supporting devices.
Select Existing AddressAllows you to choose another address from the address book in your account. If you change the address when the negotiation is in process, the quote must be sent back to the seller for review.
Add New AddressAllows you to add a new address to the address book in your account. Then new address can then be used as the shipping address for the quote.
Shipping MethodDisplays the shipping method currently chosen by the seller.
Quote Comments
Add your commentThe comments are used to communicate with the seller during the negotiation process. Enter a comment to explain any discounts requested, or the reason a quote request is closed.
Attach FileThe maximum file size and supported file types for attached files are determined by the configuration. By default, an attached file can be up to 2 MB, and of any of the following file types: DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PDF, TXT, JPG or JPEG, PNG.
Send for ReviewSends the updated quote back to the seller for review.
Proceed to CheckoutBegins the checkout process using the negotiated prices from the quote.