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DEPRECATED: Page Builder’s advanced content tools replace the previous bannerPromotional graphics displayed either horizontally on the top of a web page or vertically on the left or right margins. Website advertisements are often displayed as banners. functionality as described in this topic. We keep this content in the user guide as a convenience for those whose stores have customizations that prevent them from using Page Builder.

Banners can be used to display an image or block of content, and appear for a specific period of time for a promotion. You can create banners that are visible only to certain customer segments, or whenever price rule conditions and coupons apply.

When designing banners for your store, take into consideration both the page layout and the themeA package that contains graphics and appearance information, and customizes the look and feel of the store. you are using. Banners are often designed to appear on a specific page, and in a specific part of the page layoutThe visual and structural composition of a page.. Although the header and footer are a fixed width, the width of the content area and sidebars, can vary according to theme and page layout. When designing a banner with graphic images, it is important to understand the page layout, so you can put the available space to best use.

Banner on Home Page
Banner on Home Page