Magento for B2B Commerce

Assigning Sources per Product

Before modifying quantities and settings, you need to assign sources to the products.

Important: Unassigning a source clears all quantity data. Reassigning a source with quantity data can potentially cause issues with pending orders with reservations and affect stock salable quantity counts. Keep in mind, all product quantities in shopping carts and submitted orders have associated reservations. If you unassign the only sources providing those products to the stock, orders cannot be completed and shipped for that sales channel.

Recommendation: We recommend processing all pending orders and sending shipments prior to removing sources or transferring all inventory.

To assign sources:

1. On the Admin sidebar, tap Catalog. Then, choose Products.
2. Locate and open a product in Edit mode.
3. Expand the Sources section. This section allows you to modify the source, update inventory quantities, and more.

Currently, only Simple, Configurable, Virtual, Downloadable, and Grouped products support multiple sources. Bundle products can be created and managed with only the Default Source and Stock.

Product Sources section
4. To add a source, tap Assign Sources. The Assign Sources page displays.
5. Browse or search for a source you want to add. Select the checkbox next to the source(s) you want to add for the product.

Assign sources to the product
6. Tap Done to add the sources.
7. Do one of the following to save:
  • Tap Save .
  • On the Save  (  ) menu, choose Save & Close.

After assigning sources, update the inventory quantity for each product source.