Magento for B2B Commerce

Learning about Inventory Management

Magento enhances inventory management, enabling you to manage inventory across one or multiple locations and sales channels. These features include terms and concepts that may be new to you and your company. Learn more in the following topics to get a deeper understanding of sources, stocks, shipments, and more!

About Sources and Stocks

Manage your inventory from every location in your company and sales channel. Learn about sources and stocks for managing and selling your products.



About Source Selection Algorithm and Reservations

Learn about the heart of Inventory Management. The Source Selection Algorithm and reservations track every available product virtually and on-hand to provide accurate available product amounts for sale and at shipment.



About Order Status and Reservations

As you manage orders with shipments, refunds, and cancellations, Magento automatically updates your inventory quantities with reservations. Reservations ensure you do not oversell products across your entire stock.



About Product Types

Inventory Management supports all product types. Options and requirements may differ per product type for sources, stocks, and shipping.