Magento for B2B Commerce

Importing and Exporting Inventory

For catalogs with a large amount of products, use the Import and Export features of Magento with expanded Inventory Management options to update sources and quantities by SKUStock Keeping Unit: A number or code assigned to a product to identify the product, options, price, and manufacturer.. With these options, you can add new sources and update inventory quantities for all or a specific source. For example, you can export products for a source in Germany without affecting product information for sources in France, England, or the US.

  • Magento automatically assigns the Default Source to your products when upgrading Magento or importing new products. If you import products with a custom source assigned, the Default Source will still be added with a quantity of 0. To update sources and quantities, use these import instructions.
  • Single Source merchants use import to update only product quantities. All existing and added products are assigned to the Default Source.
  • Multi Source merchants use import to add multiple sources and quantities per row per SKU.

To import updates, first export a CSVComma Separated Values: A type of file used to store data values which are separated from each other by commas. file for a specific or all sources. Edit the CSV file and add a row per SKU for each source and quantity. You need the source's code when adding a new source and adding quantities of stock. You cannot add or update stocks using import-export features.