Bulk Assigning Sources

Use the Assign Sources tool to add one or more sources to your products. The tool helps when creating and assigning custom sources to your Default Stock or custom stocks and preparing new locations and inventory.

After adding new custom sources, you can add inventory quantities per product or for multiple products through the Admin or using the import feature.

To update quantities:

  1. On the Admin sidebar, click Catalog. Then, choose Products.

  2. Select the products you want to modify sources. Browse or search to find the products and select those checkboxes.

  3. Click the Actions drop-down menu, and choose Assign Inventory Source. Click OK to verify.

    Select products to add sources

  4. Select checkboxes for all sources you want to add to the products.

  5. Click Assign Sources.

    Select products to add sources

The sources are added to the products with an inventory quantity of 0. You can add inventory quantities per source.