Products in Category

The Products in Category section lists the products that are currently assigned to the category, and allows you to use category rules to dynamically change the product selection when a set of conditions is met.To learn more, see: Visual Merchandiser.

Category Products

To apply a category rule:

  1. Set Match products by rule to the “Yes” position.

    The automatic sorting and condition options appear.

    To Match Products by Rule

    Automatic Sort

    To apply a sort order automatically to the list, based on current conditions, set Automatic Sorting to one of the following:

    Stock level Move to top or bottom.
    Special price Move to top or bottom.
    New Products List newest products first.
    Color Sort alphabetically by color.
    Name Sort in ascending or descending order by Name.
    SKU Sort in ascending or descending order by SKU
    Price Sort in ascending or descending order by Price.

    Add Condition

    1. Tap Add Condition, Then, do the following:

      • Choose the Attribute that is the basis of the condition.
      • Choose the Operator that is needed to form the expression.
      • Enter the Value that is to be matched.

      Add Condition to Category Rule

    2. Repeat this process for each attribute that is needed to describe the condition(s) to be met. For example, to match products that were created between 7 and 30 days ago, do the following:

      • Set Date Created to “Less than 30”.
      • Set Logic to “AND”.
      • Set Date Modified to “Greater than 7”.
  2. When complete, tap Save Category.

When setting up a category rule, the products are matched and assigned to the rule when the category is saved. Therefore, if you add a new product to the catalog and want to include it in the rule, you must re-save each category that is set to match products by rule, to ensure that the new product is included.

Option Description
Match products by rule Determines if the list of products in the category is dynamically generated by a category rule. Options: Yes / No
Automatic Sorting Automatically applies a sorting order to the list of category products. Options: None, Move low stock to top, Move low stock to bottom, Special price to top, Special price to bottom, Newest products first, Sort by color, Name: A - Z, Name: Z - A, SKU: Ascending, SKU: Descending, Price: High to Low, Price: Low to High
Add Condition Adds an additional condition to the rule.
Attribute Determines the attribute that is used as the basis of the condition. Options:
Clone Category ID(s)Dynamically clones products from multiple categories based on Category ID.
ColorIncludes products based on color.
Date Created (days ago)Includes products based on the number of days since the products were added to the catalog.
Date Modified (days ago)Includes products based on the number of days since the products were last modified.
NameIncludes products based on the product name.
PriceIncludes products based on price.
QuantityIncludes products based on the quantity in stock.
SKUIncludes products based on SKU.
Operator Specifies the operator that is applied to the attribute value to meet the condition. Unless an operator is specified, “Equal” is used as the default. Options: Equal, Not equal, Greater than, Greater than or equal to, Less than, Less than or equal to, Contains
Value Specifies the value the attribute must have to meet the condition.
Logic The Logic column is used to define multiple conditions, and appears only when an additional condition is added. Options: OR / AND

Workspace Controls

Control Description

View as List
View as Tiles
Match by Rule

The drag and drop control allows you to grab a product and move it to another position in the current page of the grid. To learn more, see: Visual Merchandiser.
Determines the position of the product in the list.