Magento Commerce, 2.2.x
Updating an Order

After a customer places an order, it is sometimes necessary to edit the information, place it on hold, or cancel it entirely. Only sales orders with a status of “Pending” can be edited or canceled. Both pending sales orders and invoiced orders can be put on hold.

When the invoiceA document that provides a detailed description of a purchase, including products purchased, quantity, price, shipping cost, sales tax, and total. is generated, the temporary sales order becomes a permanent order. If you change an invoiced order that has the status of “Processing,” the original order is canceled and a new sales order is generated. You can, however, change the billing or shipping address of an order without generating a new sales order.

When updating a customer order over the phone, you might be required to reenter the payment information, unless the customer used a credit card that is saved in a secure vault.

Edit Sales Order