Magento Commerce, 2.2.x

Printing Multiple Invoices

Invoices can be printed individually or as a batch. However, before an invoiceA document that provides a detailed description of a purchase, including products purchased, quantity, price, shipping cost, sales tax, and total. can be printed, it must first be generated for the order. To add your logo and address to the invoice, see: Preparing Your Invoice Logo.

To view or print the PDF, you must have a PDF reader. You can download Adobe Reader at no charge.

To print multiple invoices:

1. On the Admin sidebar, tap Sales. Then under Operations, choose Invoices.
2. In the Invoices grid, mark the checkbox of each invoice to be printed.
3. Set the Actions control to “PDF Invoices.”

Print Invoices

The invoices are saved in a single PDF file that can be sent to a printer, or saved.