Magento Commerce, 2.2.x
Managing Product Listings by Tab

The Product Listings screen contains several tabs from which you can view the statuses of all of your listings as well as match your products to Amazon listings.

Each tab differs slightly in the tasks available in the Actions drop-down, the Select (Action column) drop-down, and the default and available table columns, but the workspace controls are the same and allow you to customize the data that is displayed.

The Actions drop-down options can apply the selected action to all listings selected (checked), while options in the Select drop-down in the Action column apply the action only to the individual listing.

Manage Listings by Action

Product Listings tabs

To access Product Listings:

1. On the Admin sidebar, tap Marketing. Then, under Channels, tap Amazon.
2. In the Amazon Stores tab, tap the store name for which you want to view listings.
3. On the store dashboard, under I Want to See..., tap Manage Listings.