Magento Commerce, 2.2.x
Listing Rule Preview

If you are managing a store that is in "In Setup" status, see Onboarding: Listing Preview.

When you are modifying your condition definitions for your listing rules for an Active store, you can tap Preview Changes to apply your rules changes and view how your listings are impacted. It is recommended to verify your listings in this listing preview feature before saving your changes to your listing rules.

Your current Amazon listings are compared against your rules, based on the conditions you defined. You can then review which products will move to an ineligible status based on your current Amazon Seller Central account, which products will move from an ineligible state back to an eligible state, and which products will be New Amazon Listings and added to your Amazon listing from your eligible Magento catalog.

Listing Preview allows you to preview your potential Amazon listings and make any necessary adjustments to your listing rules. If you need to adjust your listing rules, click Listing Rules in the progress bar to return to the listing rules step.

Your potential Amazon listings will populate on the Listing Preview screen in one of three tabs:

  • Ineligible Listings: Products listed on this tab are not eligible for Amazon listing based on your current listing rule settings.

Ineligible products will not be published to Amazon. If an ineligible product is already listed on Amazon and you match the Amazon listing to your Magento catalog product, the quantity for the Amazon listing will change to 0 to prevent sales of the product. To manually remove a listing, see Ending an Amazon Listing.

Products that are not eligible by Amazon requirements are not listed here. Those products are listed on the Inactive Listings tab.

  • Eligible Listings: Products listed on this tab are eligible for Amazon listing based on your current listing rule setup and are eligible by Amazon requirements. This tab includes your existing Amazon listings that will import (if you have the Import Third Party Listings field set to "Import Listing" in the Listing Settings step).
  • New Listings: Products listed on this tab include your Magento catalog products that are newly eligible for Amazon listing based on your current listing rule setup and will create new Amazon listings.

To view your listing preview:

Access your listing rules for an active store.

1. View your listing rules.
2. Modify your Listing Rule Conditions.
3. Tap Preview Changes in the header bar.
4. Review and confirm your listings in the Ineligible Listings, Eligible Listings, and New Listings tabs.
5. If your listings match your expectations, tap Save Listing Rules. If your listings do no not display as expected, tap Back and continue to modify your conditions until your listings match your expectations.

Listing Preview

Listing Preview Workflow

Listing Preview Workflow