Magento Commerce, 2.2.x
Creating and Editing Amazon Attributes

You may need to create or update Amazon and Magento attributes as you sell through Amazon and update your stores. Review the current Amazon attributes and linked Magento attributes through the Managing Attributes tab of the Amazon Sales Channel Home dashboard. The Actions column provides actions to either create a new Magento attribute for an unlinked Amazon attributeA characteristic or property of a product; anything that describes a product. Examples of product attributes include color, size, weight, and price. or edit an existing linked attribute. If an attribute is linked, you have an

As you create and update attributes, you may want to verify the attribute values for Magento and Amazon products. These values may differ if you do not sync and import values from Amazon. To review Amazon values for these attributes, see Reviewing Amazon Attribute Values. If you want to change those values, continue through the following instructions to create new attributes or edit existing attribute links between Amazon and Magento.