Magento Commerce, 2.2.x

Event Components


Each event is associated with a categoryA set of products that share particular characteristics or attributes. from your catalog.


Event sales are based on a starting and ending date. You can use a countdown ticker to show the time remaining.

Catalog Event Carousel

When the Catalog Event widgetA prepared snippet of code that adds functionality and/or dynamic effects to your store. is enabled in the configuration, it can be placed on store pages as a listing of open and upcoming events, sorted by end date. If two or more events share the same end date, the events are sorted based on the order specified in the configuration.

Customer Groups

Category permissions are based primarily on customer groups.

Category Permissions

Category permissions gives you full control over the specific activities that can take place in a given category.

Website Restrictions

Prevents public access to the site by redirecting to a landing pageA page on your site where a visitor arrives after clicking a link or advertisement., loginThe process of signing into an online account. page, or registration page.


Email messages are sent with a link to create an account in the store. You can restrict the ability to create an account to only those who receive an invitation.

Private Sales Reports

The Private Sales Reports provide information about invitations sent, customers invited, and conversions.