Magento Commerce, 2.2.x
Message Templates

The process of customizing the body of each message is the same as the customizing the header or footer. The only difference is that there is a different message template for each activity or event that triggers a notification. You can use the templates as they are, or customize them to match your voice and brandA unique identity that defines a particular product or group of products.. In addition to the template text, there's a wide selection of variables that can be incorporated into the template.

  • Field Descriptions



    Load default template


    Lists the selection of available templates, and identifies the template to be customized.

    Template Information

    Template Name

    The name of your custom template.

    Insert Variable

    Inserts a variable into the template at the cursor location.

    Template Subject

    The Template Subject appears in the Subject column, and can be used to sort and filter the templates in the list.

    Template Content

    The content of the template in HTML.

    Template Styles

    Any CSS style declarations that are needed to format the template can be entered in the Template Styles box.