Magento Commerce, 2.2.x

Customizing Email Templates

Magento includes a default email template for the body section of each message that is sent by the system. The template for the body content is combined with the header and footer templates to create the complete message. The content is formatted with HTMLHyperText Markup Language: A standard for tagging and structuring text, images, videos, and other media on a web page. and CSSCascading Style Sheets: A style sheet language that controls the appearance of HTML documents; a way to control the appearance of text, graphics, lists, links, and all other elements on a web page., and can be easily edited, and customized by adding variables and frontend apps. Email templates can be customized for each website, store, or store view. Make sure to update the system configuration after creating a customized template, so the custom template is used instead of the default.

The default templates include your logo and store information, and can be used without further customization. However as a best practice, you should view each template, and make any necessary changes before they are sent to customers.

Preview of Welcome Template