Magento Commerce, 2.2.x

Email Reminder Templates

The default email reminder template can be customized, and additional templates created for different promotions. Email reminders have a selection of specific variables that can be incorporated into the message. The information in these variables is determined by the email reminder rule that you set up, and by the cart price rule that is associated with the coupon. The Insert Variable button can be used to insert the markup tagA snippet of code that can be used to add functionality or content to a page. with the variable into the template. To learn more, see:Email .

Preview of Promotion Reminder

To customize an email reminder template:

1. On the Admin sidebar, tap Marketing. Then under Communications, choose Email Templates.
2. Tap Add New Template. Then, do the following:
a. In the Template list under Magento_Reminder, choose the Promotion Notification/Reminder template.
b. Tap Load Template.
3. Follow the standard instructions to customize the template.
  • Email Reminder Variables


    Markup Tag

    Coupon Code

    {{var coupon.getCode()|escape}}

    Coupon Usage Limit

    {{var coupon.getUsageLimit()|escape}}

    Coupon Usage Per Customer

    {{var coupon.getUsagePerCustomer()|escape}}

    Customer Account URL

    {{store url="customer/account/"}}

    Customer Name

    {{var customer.getName()|escape}}

    Email Footer Template

    {{template config_path="design/email/footer_template"}}

    Email Header Template

    {{template config_path="design/email/header_template"}}

    Email Logo Image Alt

    {{var logo_alt}}

    Email Logo Image URL

    {{var logo_url}}

    Promotion Description

    {{var promotion_description|escape|nl2br}}

    Promotion Name

    {{var promotion_name|escape}}

    Store Name

    {{var store.getFrontendName()}}

    Store URL

    {{store url=""}}