Magento Commerce, 2.2.x


In this section of the guide, you’ll learn how to create content and manage the presentation of your store.

Content Elements

Learn to create pages with text, images, and dynamic blocks of content that can be incorporated into your store navigation and linked to other pages.

Design & Theme

Your store's theme can be changed for a season or promotion. Learn about page layouts, how to apply a new theme to your store, and simple design changes that you can make from the Admin.

Content Staging

Content Staging give you the ability to create, preview, and schedule a wide range of content updates directly from the Admin of your store. For example, you can use Content Staging to create a page that changes automatically on schedule throughout the year.

Content Menu

Content Elements


Core Content

Default Pages

Workspace Controls

Page Search

Page Actions

Grid Layout

Scheduled Changes

Adding a New Page

Switching Home Pages

Media Storage

Using the Editor

Inserting a Link

Inserting an Image

Inserting a Widget

Inserting a Variable

Configuring the Editor

Page Hierarchy

Configuring Page Hierarchy

Adding a Node

Content Blocks

Adding New Blocks

Adding Social Plugins

Adding a Lightbox or Slider

Positioning Blocks

Using a Widget

Using a Layout Update


Creating a Banner

Rotating Banners

Using Banners in Price Rules


Widget Types

Creating a Widget

New Products List

Orders and Returns

Design & Theme

Design Menu

Design Configuration

Page Setup




Page Layout

Standard Page Layouts

Storefront Examples

Layout Updates

Standard Block Layout

Layout Update Examples

Layout Update Syntax

Controlling Block Order

XML Load Sequence


Using the Default Theme

Installing a New Theme

Theme Assets

Scheduling Design Changes

Content Staging

Content Staging Workflow

Scheduling an Update

Staging Dashboard

Editing a Campaign

Adding an Item

Previewing a Campaign



Supported Email Clients

Preparing Your Email Logo

Configuring Email Templates

Sales Email

Payment Failed Email

Admin User Email

Customizing Email Templates

Header Template

Footer Template

Message Templates

Email Reminders

Creating Email Reminders

Configuing Email Reminders

Email Reminder Templates

Email Template List

Configuring Email Communications

Marketing Automation

Creating a Campaign

Import Your Contacts

Schedule a Campaign

Automate a Campaign

Exclusion Rules

Automation Studio

Sales Documents

Preparing Your Invoice Logo

Adding Reference IDs to Header

Customer Address Templates


Configuring Newsletters

Newsletter Templates

Sending Newsletters

Managing Subscribers

RSS Feeds

Using Variables

Adding Predefined Variables

Adding Custom Variables

Markup Tags

Using Markup Tags in Links

Dynamic Media URLs

Variable Reference


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