Magento Commerce, 2.2.x

Staging Dashboard

The Staging Dashboard provides an overview of all active and upcoming campaigns. The format of the dashboard can be changed from a grid to a timeline. You can also use filters to find campaigns, customize the column layoutThe visual and structural composition of a page., and save different views of the grid. To learn more about the workspace controls, see: Admin Workspace.

Grid View

To open the Staging Dashboard:

1. On the Admin sidebar, tap Content.
2. On the menu under Staging, choose Dashboard.
3. To change the format of the dashboard, set the View As control to “Timeline.”

Timeline View

The slider in the lower-right corner can be used to adjust the view from one to four weeks.  Each column represents one day.

4. Drag the slider to the “4w” position on the far right. The campaign that is scheduled for June 20 is now visible in the timeline.

4-Week View
5. Click any item in the timeline to display general information about the campaign.
  • To open the campaign, tap View/Edit.
  • To see how the campaign will look to customers in the store on that day, tap Preview.

Campaign Information