Magento Commerce, 2.2.x

Other Product Settings

The remaining product settings are located at the bottom of the page. Some settings are available for all products, and others are available for specific product types. Additional settings might appear when the product is saved for the first time.

To expand or collapse each section:

Tap the section. The button indicates if it is currently expanded or collapsed .

Other Settings

General Settings

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    The Content section is used to enter the main product description that appears on the product page. The short description can be used in most RSS feeds, and might also appear in catalog listings, depending on theme. The product description can be formatted using the editor toolbar.

    Product Reviews

    The Product Reviews section lists all reviews that customers have submitted about the product. The section appears only after a new product has been saved.

    Images and Videos

    From the Images and Videos section, you can perform basic image management tasks such as upload multiple images, rearrange the order of images, and control how each image is used. For more control over individual images, you can open each image in “detail view.”

    Search Engine Optimization

    The Search Engine Optimization section specifies the URL Key and meta data fields that are used by search engines to index the product. Although some search engines ignore meta keywords, others continue to use them. The current best practice is to incorporate high-value keywords in both the meta title and meta description.

    Related Products, Up-Sells, Cross-Sells

    This section is used to set up simple promotional blocks that present a selection of additional products that might be of interest to the customer.

    Product in Websites

    The Product in Websites section shows the current scope of the product within the store hierarchy.


    The Design settings give you the ability to apply a different theme to the product page, change the column layout, determine where product options appear, and enter custom XML code

    Gift Options

    Gift Options can be set at the product level to allow a gift message to be added to the product during checkout.

Product-Specific Settings

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    The Configuration section lists any existing variations of the product, and can also be used to generate variations for use with the Configurable product type.

    Customizable Options

    Customizable options are based on variations of a single SKU, and can be a good solution if your inventory needs are simple.

    Downloadable Information

    The Downloadable Information section is used to generate the links to downloadable products and samples.

    Grouped Products

    The Grouped Products section is used to add items to a Grouped product type, and also to edit the current selection of items.

    Bundle Items

    The Bundle Items section is used to add items to a Bundle product type, and also to edit the current selection of items.