Magento Commerce, 2.2.x

Display Settings

The Display Settings determine which content elements appear on a categoryA set of products that share particular characteristics or attributes. page and the order in which products appear. You can enable CMSContent Management System: A software system that is used to create, edit, and maintain content on a website. blocks, set the anchor status of the category, and manage sorting options from the Display Settings tab. For examples of how categories are reflected in the storefront, see: Catalog Navigation.

Display Settings
  • Field Descriptions



    Display Mode

    Determines the content elements displayed on the category page. Options:

    Products Only
    Static Block Only
    Static Block and Products


    When set to “Yes,” includes the “filter by attribute” section in the layered navigation. Options: Yes / No

    Available Product Listing Sort By

    (Required) The default values are Position, Name, and Price. To customize the sorting option, clear the Use All Available Attributes checkbox and select the attributes you want to use. You can define and add attributes as needed.

    Default Product Listing Sort By

    (Required) To define the default “Sort By” option, clear the “Use Config Settings” checkbox and select an attribute.

    Layered Navigation Price Step

    By default, Magento displays the price range in increments of 10, 100, and 1000, depending on the products in the list. To change the Price Step range, clear the “Use Config Settings” checkbox.