Magento Commerce, 2.2.x


In this section of the guide, you’ll learn how to create categories and products, upload images, establish pricing, and set up your inventory.


Learn how to create products from simple to complex with multiple options, swatches, customizable bundles. Create downloadable products, and virtual products for services and other non-tangible items.


Learn how to organize your catalog into categories that are reflected in your store’s navigation.

Product Attributes

Learn how to create attributes with input controls for product options, and to provide additional information on product pages.

Catalog Menu

Catalog URLs

Products Grid

Creating Products

Product Workspace

Default Field Values

Scheduled Changes

Product Types

Simple Product

Configurable Product

Grouped Product

Virtual Product

Bundle Product

Downloadable Product

Configuring Download Options

Gift Cards

Gift Card Workflow

Creating a Gift Card

Gift Card Accounts

Configuring Gift Card Accounts

Product Settings

Advanced Settings

Other Settings



Product Reviews

Images and Videos

Search Engine Optimization

Related Products, Up-sells, and Cross-sells

Related Products



Product View Optimization

Customizable Options

Product in Websites



Gift Options

Downloadable Information

Grouped Products

Bundle Items

Gift Card Information

Managing Price

Advanced Pricing

Group Price

Special Price

Tier Price

Minimum Advertised Price

MAP Logic

Configuring MAP

Managing Inventory

Stock Options

Product Stock Options

Stock Message Scenarios

Product Alerts

Product Alert Run Settings

Images and Videos

Uploading Product Images

Adding Product Video

Media Gallery




Creating Swatches


Best Practices

Creating Categories

Root Categories

Hidden Categories

Modifying Categories

Scheduled Changes

Content Settings

Display Settings

Search Engine Optimization

Products in Category

Sorting Category Products

Design Settings

Category Permissions

Product Attributes

Best Practices

Creating Product Attributes

Adding an Attribute

Attribute Sets

Attribute Input Types

Date & Time Options

Using a Flat Catalog