Magento Open Source 2.2.x

Shipping Experience Rules

The Shipping Experiences tab of the Magento Shipping Portal allows you to create rules to automate the shipping process. You can create the following types of rules:

  • Qualification

    Qualification rules control the availability of the rule. For example, you can add conditions that determine when the shipping method becomes available, and set the shipping charge.


    Quoting rules control the list of available carriers that appears when you get quotes for a shipment.

To create a shipping experience rule:

1. Sign in to the Magento Shipping Portal.
2. Choose the Shipping Experiences tab. Then, tap Create New Experience.

Shipping Experiences
3. Enter a Name for the rule.
4. For now, accept the default Status of “Draft.”

When you are ready to “go live” with the rule in your store, you can change the Status to “Production.”

5. Click the tab for the type of experience that you want to create:
  • Qualification
  • Quoting
6. Tap Create Rule. Then, follow the instructions for the type of rule:

New Experience

4. When complete, tap Save.

The description of the new rule appears in the list of Quoting Rules on the Quoting tab.

Quoting Rules
5. Tap Finish to return to the Shipping  Experiences tab.