Magento Open Source 2.2.x

Creating a Shipment

The following instructions walk you through the process of creating a shipment for Magento Shipping.

To create a shipment:

1. On the Admin sidebar, choose Sales. Then, choose Orders.
2. Find the order in the grid, and open it.
3. If the order has been paid and invoiced, and is ready to ship, tap Ship.

The sections at the top of the shipment contain name and address and payment information from the sales order.

4. Complete each section of the shipment form as follows:
5. When the shipment is ready, tap Book Shipment. Then, do the following:
a. To view the tracking information, click the Tracking Number.

Tracking Information
b. To send the package tracking information to the customer, tap Send Tracking Information.
c. When prompted, tap OK to confirm.

Shipping and Tracking Information
6. A message appears at the top of the page that the shipment has been sent, and the Documentation section appears in the shipment form, with a list of available printouts. The following example includes the High Value Report, which is available for Magento Shipping orders over $999.00 (UPS - US only).
a. In the Action column, click the link to Download the package label for the shipment. Then, Print the label.

b. (Magento Shipping only) To print the High Value Report, click the Download link. Then, look for the text/html file in your browser’s download list.

High Value Report
7. To print a packing slip for this shipment, click Print in the page header. Look for the PDF file in your browser’s download list.
  • Button Bar




    Closes the New Shipment form, and returns to the order

    Book Shipment

    Adds the shipment to the Dispatch grid.


    Restores all fields to original values.

  • Field Descriptions





    The name of the selected carrier


    A descriptive name assigned to the package by the carrier.


    The linked tracking number that is assigned to the package.


    Deletes the carrier selection.


    Add another carrier to the shipment.

    Additional Information

    Shipment Reference

    (Magento Shipping only) Associates bookings between a carrier and a customer, and appears on shipping labels, manifest, and carrier Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) file, if applicable. The default value is the Magento Customer ID, and can be edited if required.

    Maximum length: 15 (upper- and lowercase characters, numbers 0-9)

    Route Information

    Origin Location

    Displays a list of available locations.


    If checked, identifies the shipment as an international shipment.

    Items ordered


    The description of the item.


    The Stock Keeping Unit of the item.


    The weight of the item.

    Qty Ordered

    The quantity of the item that was ordered.

    Qty Shipped

    The quantity of items that have been shipped.

    Qty Packed

    The number of items included in this package.



    An automatically generated code that identifies the package.

    Package Type

    The type of package.


    The length of the package.


    The width of the package.


    The height of the package.

    Dim. Units

    The number of dimensional units used by the package in the delivery vehicle or container.


    The package weight.

    Weight Units

    The unit of measurement used to describe the package weight.


    A description of the package contents.

    Add Another Package

    Adds another package to the shipment.

    International Item Details

    Unit of Measure

    The unit of measurement used to describe the shipment.


    A description of the items in the shipment.

    HS Code

    Harmonized System Code

    A commodity classification developed by the World Customs Organization. Also known as the goods code, statistics code, statistics number, or tariff code. For example: 64-67 Footwear / Headgear


    The weight of the shipment.

    Weight Units

    The unit of measurement used to describe the weight.

    Country of Manufacture

    The country where the items in the shipment were manufactured.

    Country of Origin

    The country where the shipment originated.

    Declared Value

    The declared value of the items in the shipment.

    International Shipment Details

    Signatory Title

    The prefix of the name of the person who is authorized to sign for receipt of delivery.

    Signatory First Name

    The First Name of the person who is authorized to sign for receipt of delivery.

    Signatory Last Name

    The Last Name of the person who is authorized to sign for receipt of delivery.

    International Commerce Terms (Incoterms)

    The code for the International Chamber of Commerce rule that applies to this shipment.

    Export Category

    The export category that applies to the shipment. Options:








    Return and repair


    Export Reason

    The reason for the export of the shipment.

    Dutiable Shipment

    Indicates if the shipment is subject to duty. Options: Yes / No

    Invoice Number

    The number of the associated invoice.

    Invoice Date

    The date of the associated invoice.


    Export Declaration Number

    A number issued by the Australian Custom Service when a shipment is accepted for export.


    Exemption and Exclusion Legend

    When shipping outside the U.S., you must provide either an EEL or a Proof of Filing Citation (PFC).


    Electronic Export Information

    An electronic declaration of international export information.


    International Transaction Number

    A number assigned to a shipment that confirms that the EEI was accepted and is on file in the Automated Export System (AES).


    Unattended Delivery

    Indicates if the carrier can leave the package unattended at the destination address.

    Signature Required

    Indicates if a signature is required.

    Adult Signature Required

    (Magento Shipping UPS - US only) Indicates if an adult signature is required.

    Direct Delivery Only

    (Magento Shipping UPS - US only) Indicates if direct delivery is required. Direct Delivery ensures the package is delivered to the residential or business address. Direct delivery packages cannot be redirected by the recipient, or rerouted by the driver. Direct delivery packages do not require a signature, although you can choose to require one.

    Saturday Delivery

    (Magento Shipping UPS - US only) Indicates that the package can be delivered Monday through Saturday. When this option is chosen, only services that support Saturday delivery are listed.

    Destination Address Type

    Indicates the type of street address. Options:



    Post office box

    Shipping Quotes

    Quote from Shipping Experience

    Use customer’s choice

    To override the default setting, clear the checkbox, and choose the type of quote.

    Get Quotes

    Generates a list of quotes for available carriers. the shipping information and tracking number are completed automatically after the carrier is selected.

    Shipment Comments


    Comments about the shipment are for internal use.


    Package Label


    Download the shipment package label. Size: A6 (105 x 148 mm; 4.1 x 5.6 in.)

    High Value Report


    (Magento Shipping only) Download the UPS Control Log for US shipments over $999.00. The report includes the tracking and reference numbers, declared value, and currency. The report includes a signature line to be completed by the delivery person, with pickup time and number of packages. Size: A4 (210 x 297 mm; 8.3 x 11.7 in)