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Getting Started with Google Shopping ads Channel

Google Shopping ads empowers you to expand business and revenue by capturing traffic that actively sees products through searches. As Google provides search results, any products you promote through Smart Shopping Ads also display to corner markets and drive sales. Customers enter your storefront by clicking on product listings including images, names, prices, and more.

To simplify creating and managing products and campaigns with Google, you just need to understand the following concepts and complete a few onboarding steps. This section helps you get started quickly.

About GMC and Ads with Magento

Learn more about Google Merchant Center and Google Ads accounts, products, campaigns, and more. These are the key accounts used to integrate Magento and Google.



About Google and Magento Attributes

Learn more about Magento and Google product catalogs, product reviews, approvals, disapprovals, and more.



Best Practices for Google Shopping ads Channel

Find out the best practices, tips, tricks, and recommendations for all aspects of Magento and Google integration settings, product catalogs, campaigns and much more.