Magento Open Source 2.2.x

Magento 2.2.x Notice: As outlined by the Magento Software Lifecycle Policy, Magento 2.2.x has reached the End-of-Support and will no longer receive quality fixes or documentation updates. To maintain your site's performance, security, and PCIPayment Card Industry: Refers to debit and credit cards and their associated businesses. compliance, upgrade to the latest version of Magento.

The online Magento 2.2.x User Guide is scheduled for removal, but will remain available in PDF for Open Source, Commerce, and Commerce for B2B.

Customer Session Lifetime

The lifetime of a customer shopping session is determined by several factors, including the length of the server session, the use of a persistent cart, and the lifetime of information that is stored in the browser. Although these are related to the same customer experience, they are actually separate processes with different expiration events and lifetimes.

  • Session

    Information that is stored on the server, such as the contents of the shopping cartA grouping of products that the customer wishes to purchase at the end of their shopping session.. If the server session expires before the cookie expires, customers might lose the cart contents and reduce security risk.

    Session Cookie

    Information that is stored in the browser as a number or string of characters. If the session cookie expires before the server session, the customer is logged out. The session cookie is deleted when the customer closes the browser window. By default, the cookie lifetime is set to 3600 seconds, or one hour. If there is no keyboard activity during that time, the current session ends, and customers must log back into their accounts to continue shopping.

If Persistent Cart is enabled, the cart contents are saved for the next time customers sign into their accounts. When using a persistent cart, it is recommended that you set the lifetime of the server session and the session cookie to a long period of time.

On the server, the length of the session is controlled by php.ini, and several variables. At this time, Magento does not have an AdminThe password-protected back office of your store where orders, catalog, content, and configurations are managed. configuration setting that controls the length of the server session.

To configure the cookie lifetime:

1. On the Admin sidebar, tap Stores. Then under Settings, choose Configuration.
2. If you have multiple stores, set the Store View chooser in the upper-right corner to the store where the configuration applies.
3. In the panel on the left under General, choose Web.
4. Expand the Default Cookie Settings section.
5. To change the default, clear the Use system value checkbox. Then, enter the new value in seconds.
6. Tap Save Config.