Magento Open Source 2.2.x

Stores > Settings > Configuration > Services > Channels

Note: The Channels option is only available when the Google Shopping ads Channel extension is installed.

Google Shopping ads Channel

Google Shopping ads Channel
Field Descriptions




Api Key


You must have an API Key to use Google Shopping ads Channel. Tap here to generate a key and paste in this field.

Unique ID


Determines the length of time in hours before an admin API token expires. The admin token never expires if the field is empty. Default value: 4

Enable Service Logs


Service logs are disabled by default and should only be enabled when needed for troubleshooting, as continued logging will negatively impact performance. If enabled for troubleshooting, it should be disabled when complete.

To turn on logging, uncheck the Use system value checkbox and set the drop-down field to "Yes."

Google Shopping ads Channel logging is written to the {Magento Root}/var/log/google_indexer.log file and can be viewed in developer mode. The information in this log includes requests to and responses from Google.