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Customer Exceptions

Under certain circumstances, customers who are normally required to pay taxes might be certified as exempt. The available exceptions vary, depending on the jurisdiction.

The Customer Exceptions configuration can be used to set up individual customer exceptions, or to upload multiple exceptions from a CSV file. The Customers grid lists all exception certificates currently on file per customer.

Only customers with non-standard tax requirements are added to Vertex Cloud. The standard jurisdiction tax rates are used for all other customers.

Customer Exceptions
  • Field Descriptions



    Customer Information

    Customer Name

    The full customer name.

    Customer Type

    Indicates the source of the value in the Customer Code/Class field. Options: Code / Class


    Indicates that the Customer Code/Class value is based on the Vertex Customer Code field in the Customer account.


    Indicates that the Customer Code/Class value is based on the tax class that is assigned to a Customer Group to which the customer belongs.

    Customer Code / Class

    The tax class that is associated with a customer or customer group, according to the Customer Type setting.

    Start Date

    The date the customer becomes available to Vertex Cloud. The customer start date must be on or after the company start date.

    End Date

    (Optional) The date the customer is no longer available to Vertex Cloud.

    Tax Result

    Tax Result

    Identifies the taxable status of the customer or customer class (group). Options: 


    The customer or customer class (group) is required to pay sales or use tax.


    The customer or customer class (group) is exempt from paying sales or use tax.

    All exempt transactions are reported with an appropriate reason on the associated return.

    Certificate Information options:



    Exempt Organization

    Certificate Information

    Exception Type

    Identifies the certificate as one of the following:

    Exemption Certificate

    (Default) An exemption certificate certifies that your business has permission to purchase merchandise that is intended to be resold without having to pay sales or use tax.

    For example, in California, the State Board of Equalization issues a Resale Certificate to businesses who purchase merchandise for resale.

    Direct Pay Permit

    A direct payment permit is used when the buyer cannot determine at the time of purchase if the items are for resale. The permit certifies that the buyer has permission to purchase the items without paying sales or use tax at the time of purchase. The payment is deferred, and then paid directly to the tax authority, as applicable.

    Start Date

    The date the customer exception becomes available to Vertex Cloud for tax calculations and reporting.

    End Date

    (Optional) The date the customer exception is no longer available to Vertex Cloud for tax calculations and reporting.

    Exception Jurisdiction

    The state or territory where the exception applies.

    Exception Reason

    A code that identifies the reason why the customer is exempt from filing returns. For the Direct Pay Permit exception type, the default reason is “Direct Pay Permit.” For more information, see the following:

    Exemption Reasons - United States

    Exemption Reasons - U.S. Territory (Puerto Rico)

    Exemption Reasons - Canada

    Product Name

    (Optional) Associates a specific product with the customer exception. Options: All products that are currently mapped to Vertex Cloud.

    Exception Number

    The unique number that is assigned to your exception certificate. For example: Your resale number.


    Validates that the certificate information is correct.

    Certificate reporting criteria

    Issue Date

    The date the exception certificate was issued to the customer by the jurisdiction.

    Review Date

    A date when the validity of the exception certificate is scheduled to be reexamined.

    Expiration Date

    The date that is printed on the exemption certificate that indicates when it stops being valid.

    Certificate Image


    Uploads an image of the exception certificate. Supported file types: Only the PDF file type is supported for exceptions that are entered manually. All three file type are supported for extensions that are uploaded from a CSV file. Supported file types: PDF*, JPG, BMP