Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x

Configuring B2B Features

Each website in your Magento installation can be configured to make available some,.or all, of the following B2BBusiness to Business: A type of business transaction between two business entities that are not the final consumers of the goods or services. features from the storefront.

When support for customer companies is enabled, shared catalogs, negotiable quotes, and default B2B payment methods become available.

By default, all B2B features are initially disabled. However, they’re always available from the AdminThe password-protected back office of your store where orders, catalog, content, and configurations are managed., regardless of whether they’re enabled or disabled for the storefront. For a complete list of B2B configuration settings, see: B2B Configuration Summary.

To configure B2B Features:

1. On the Admin sidebar, tap Stores. Then under Settings, choose Configuration.

If you have a multisite installation, set the Store View control in the upper-left corner to the website where the configuration applies.

2. In the panel on the left under General, choose B2B Features. Then, do the following:
a. If you want your customers to be able to manage their own company accounts, set Enable Company to “Yes”.

Additional fields to enable Shared Catalog and B2B Quote appear, as well as a new section for configuring Default B2B Payment Methods.

b. To make custom pricing available for different companies, set Enable Shared Catalog to “Yes”.

Enabling shared catalogs also enables category permissions for all stores.

c. To give company buyers the ability to negotiate prices, set Enable B2B Quote to “Yes”.
3. To establish a default payment method for B2B orders, set Applicable Payment Methods to one of the following:
  • All Payment Methods
  • Specific Payment Methods

For Specific Methods, hold down the Ctrl key, and click the Payment Methods that you want to make available to your customers.

The list of payment methods shows which are currently enabled or disabled. In addition to the standard payment methods, the list also includes the following:

4. When complete, tap Save Config.