Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x

B2B Basics

Unlike the standard business-to-consumer model, Magento for B2BBusiness to Business: A type of business transaction between two business entities that are not the final consumers of the goods or services. Commerce is designed to meet the needs of merchants whose customers are primarily companies—possibly with complex organizational structures and multiple users with various roles and levels of permission. A typical B2B customer might be the merchant of a retail store, or a buyer making purchases on behalf of a company. In both cases, the transaction takes place between your business and theirs. In addition, you might also sell direct to the consumer. Magento Commerce with B2B supports both B2B and B2CBusiness to Consumer: Business transactions between a business entity and a consumer. models.

B2B merchants often require capabilities such as flexible bulk and per-unit pricing, the ability to issue quotes with negotiated pricing, and to place orders from a requisition list. A typical order might be charged to the customer’s company account, and fulfilled from multiple warehouses.

To learn about Magento for B2B Commerce from a technical perspective, seethe B2B Developer Guide.