Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x
Customer Experience

From the storefront, Magento Shipping options appear during the first step of the checkout processThe process of gathering the payment and shipping information that is necessary to complete the purchase of items in the shopping cart. In the final step, the customer reviews and places the order.. Magento Shipping can be configured to show all options, or only the ones that apply to the order.

Shipping Methods

During checkout, the shopper identifies the address type as a residence or business, and specifies whether the carrier must obtain a signature, or can leave the package at the door. Finally, the shopper chooses the preferred shipping rate and carrier to be used for the order.

Shipping Rate and Carrier
Click & Collect

If Collection Points are enabled in the configuration, specific locations can be specified as Click & Collect fulfillmentThe process of managing customer shipments. centers where the order can be sent for customer pick up. During checkout, the customer chooses the most convenient collection point based on Country and Postal Code. The customer is notified when the order is ready for pick up at the collection point.

Collection Point Selection

When creating a return shipment, you can generate a list of shipping quotes, and choose the carrier that you want to use. The return label can be included in the original shipment.

Shipping Quotes for RMA Request