Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x
Creating a Batch

Orders that are ready to ship with Magento Shipping can be booked together as multiple shipments, and processed as a batch. Each shipment includes a detailed description of the package(s) to be included, with additional instructions for the carrier. The shipment is processed according to the shipping experience rule of your choice. Documentation, including shipping labels, is generated for each package, and is available for download.

Before you begin...

Verify that Magento Shipping is enabled with valid APIApplication Program Interface: A software interface that lets third-party applications read and write to a system using programming language constructs or statements. credentials, and that the Advanced section is complete to synchronize your Magento installation with the Temando API.

  • Field Descriptions



    Step 1: Select an Origin Location

    Origin Location

    Identifies where the products to be shipped are located.

    Step 2: Confirm Order(s) to process


    Confirms each order to be included in the batch.

    Step 3: Prepare order(s) for booking


    Confirms each shipment to be booked.

    Pack Items

    Package Type

    Specifies the type of packaging to be used for the shipment.

    Total Weight

    The total weight of the package.

    Weight Unit

    The unit of measurement used for the weight.

    Package Contents

    The number of units from each line item that are in the package.

    Add Another Package

    If the order must be shipped in multiple packages, shows fields for the additional package and contents description.

    Shipping Experience

    Determines the shipping experience rule that is to be used for the shipment.


    (Destination Address Type)

    Specifies the type of address. Options:



    Post office box

    Unattended Delivery

    Indicates if the carrier can leave the package unattended at the destination address.

    Signature Required

    Indicates if a signature is required.

    Adult Signature Required

    (UPS - US only) Indicates if an adult signature is required.

    Direct Delivery Only

    (UPS - US only) Indicates if direct delivery is required. Direct Delivery ensures the package is delivered to the residential or business address. Direct delivery packages cannot be redirected by the recipient, or rerouted by the driver. Direct delivery packages do not require a signature, although you can choose to require one.

    Saturday Delivery

    (UPS - US only) Indicates that the package can be delivered Monday through Saturday. When this option is chosen, only services that support Saturday delivery are listed.

  • Error Messages



    Errors when orders are loaded for a batch


    Indicates an error occured when the order information was retreived. This error is generally encountered with orders that were not created with Magento Shipping.

    Errors when processing a batch


    Carriers may not be able to service the specified shipping requirements when quoting, or there may be issues with the API, or the value entered in the configuration. All errors returned for communication with the carrier are listed in the Errors block above the related order. The error message indicates which carrier services has issues with the current shipping configuration.

    Click Show Errors to see all errors returned.

    Failed bookings in a batch


    If a booking with a carrier fails, the reason for the failure must be understood to ensure a successful booking next time.

    To view the causes and identify possible solutions, first view the batch. Then next to the number of failed shipmetns, click Find Solutions.

    The Find Solutions page describes the order that failed to book, and provides the known reason for failure, or the error that was returned by the platform or carrier.