Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x
Gift Wrap

Gift wrapping is available for any product that can be shipped, and can be offered for individual items or for the entire order. You can charge a separate price for each gift wrap design, and upload a thumbnail image of the design that appears as an option for the product in the cart. When the gift wrap thumbnail is clicked, a full-size image appears. During checkout review, the gift wrap charge appears with the other checkout totals in the Order Summary section.

The gift wrap image should be a swatch that shows the repeating pattern, and can also include a sample of the ribbon that is to be used. You can either scan the paper, or take a photograph of a wrapped package. The uploaded image can be GIF, JPG, or PNG image, and should be square. .In the following example, the uploaded gift wrap image is 230 x 230 pixels.

Gift Options in Cart
  • Field Descriptions




    Gift Wrapping Design

    Store View

    The name of the gift wrap option that appears to customers during checkout. The name can be different for each store view.



    Select the websites where the new gift wrap will be available.



    Determines if gift wrapping is available. Options: Enabled / Disabled.



    Specifies the price of the gift wrap option. This setting can be overridden by the gift wrap price set at the product level.



    Uploads a thumbnail image of the gift wrap design that appears next to the gift wrap option.