Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x


Batch processing allows you to process a large number of shipments in a fraction of the time it would take to process the shipments manually. Unlike the standard process to create a shipment, the batch process leverages the Temando APIApplication Program Interface: A software interface that lets third-party applications read and write to a system using programming language constructs or statements., which is synchronized to your Magento installation.

At this time, batch processingTo perform a task or make a change to multiple items all at once, without manual repetition. is available only for domestic shipments.

The Batches grid lists the available Magento Shipping batches, the number of shipments in each, and their status. You can view the detail of a single batch, print packing slips, and shipping labels. The grid at the bottom of the page lists the shipments in the batch.

  • Column Descriptions



    Created At

    The date and time the batch was created.

    Total No. of Shipments

    The number of shipments in the batch.

    No. of Shipments Booked Successfully

    The number of shipments in the batch that booked properly.

    No. of Shipments Failed to Book

    The number of shipments that failed to book properly. To learn more, see: Troubleshooting.


    The current status of the batch.



    View the batch detail.