Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x

Creating a Google Merchant Center Account

Step 2 of 3 for Google Shopping ads Channel onboarding.

With your Magento web and Google accounts linked, you can create a Google Merchant Center (GMC) account and complete configurations for your products. See the best practices topic for onboarding tips.

Multiple Domains (Storefront URLs)

Each GMC account can be associated with one storefront URLUniform Resource Locator: The unique address of a page on the internet.. If you have more than one storefront URL, you will create a GMC account for each of your store URLs. See Google's Set up a multi-client account.

Wait, I have already claimed my URL with another GMC account!

If your storefront URL is already verified and claimed by another GMC account, you must unclaim any URL that is already claimed for another GMC account before continuing with account creation.

When creating your account, you will do the following:

Important! Your progress through the onboarding process will not complete until you tap Complete Setup. We recommend completing all of these instructions to fully save your configurations, create your GMC account, and send the URL to Google to start URL claiming and verification.

  • Steps

    What Happens

    Accept GMC Terms of Service

    Review and accept the Terms of Service and Prohibited Content policies.

    URL Verification

    Select the Website URL to associate with the new GMC account. Your website URL will be verified and claimed by Google.

    Only one domainThe address of a website on the web; what the customer types in their browser address bar to access the store. URL can be associated with one GMC account. If you have multiple domain URLs, you will create a GMC account for each of your site URLs.

    Shipping and Tax

    Configure shipping and tax settings to provide an accurate estimate for potential sales. The exact amounts and options will be available to customers when completing checkout through your storefront.

    For complex shipping and tax settings, you have an option to configure these settings in Google after account creation.

    Attribute Mapping

    Map your Magento attributes to Google attributes. These connections determine how your products publish to Google.

    You can select to create and configure custom Magento attributes through this process. When you tap Complete Setup, Magento adds these custom attributes. You must configure these newly added attributes through the Catalog.